5 de septiembre de 2011

It can sometimes be difficult to maintain a long-term loving relationship. There are days they will drive you nuts, and there are days where they will pull away from you. You can’t physically keep someone from leaving your relationship, but you can improve it and try to reconnect to your partner in little ways.
You may think that throwing a lot of money or romance at the situation is the best medicine, but sometimes that can greatly backfire. The best way to make sure your relationship continues to grow and blossom is by actively making the effort every day. When you wake up in the morning, instead of letting your mind drift to frustrations or stress, think of one reason why you love your significant other. It doesn’t have to be major—something small will equally suffice. You don’t even have to tell them (although it wouldn’t hurt to do so occasionally). But just thinking about reasons why you love your partner will open you up each and every day to them.
You also must be patient and understanding. Try to see their qualms from their point of view. Instead of having a monocular view, try to have binocular one. This means being able to understand to understand why they’re feeling what they are. Once you shift your focus from just thinking of yourself, you can focus on thinking about your partner and your relationship as a whole.
Be affectionate. Touch your partner in non-sexual ways. Snuggle on the couch when watching TV, hold their hands, or simply hug them. You can really soothe many issues with really comforting and safe body contact.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that love takes work. It’s like a precious flower that must live in the right soil and get the right amount of sun in order to grow and flourish. Make sure you take the time to enable your love and relationship to continue to grow.

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