6 de septiembre de 2011

It’s easy to talk about romantic love—there are so many poems and movies on the subject that it’s hard to ignore sometimes. But sometimes platonic love can get overlooked. While being IN love is great and all-encompassing, there is also something so incredibly wonderful about the love of a true friend. For men it can be easy for them to bond over video games, football, and beer, but women have a harder time making great female friendships last, it seems.
I see all my female friends practically disappear when they get into a relationship, and it’s sad to watch them slip away.  While I love my boyfriend and he’s often my best friend, I sometimes yearn for the companionship of my friends. There’s something that a female friendship has that a romantic one doesn’t. Maybe, it’s the whole “men are from Mars” mantra, but women just connect with each other in way’s they cannot connect with their male significant others (and vice versa for men and their own friendships).
It’s often said that men bond over activities and women bond over talking, and this type of friendship is helpful for everyone involved. When I am able to discuss my feelings with my lady friends, I feel less of a burden onto my boyfriend for emotional support. He does a great job, but no woman is an island. We need more than the support of one person, and female friendships really help to balance a lady out.
So if you haven’t seen your friends in a while, call ‘em up. Tell them you miss them and love them. Love doesn’t always have to mean roses and romance—it’s also in the bonds you have with your closest friends, and you should always strive to keep those bonds thriving.

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