30 de agosto de 2011

One of the best things about being in a healthy relationship is that you’re able to truly depend on the other person. You know that no matter what happens in your life, they will be able to become the rock you need and support you. During my relationship with my boyfriend, I have been laid off…twice. It not only stings to lose your job but your pride and self confidence are severely shaken. During those times, my sweet boyfriend became a huge support system for me. He made sure that I stayed as positive as I could and helped me to realize that everything would turn out okay. He was a great ear when I needed to vent my frustrations and a great shoulder to lean on when I just needed to cry.
Being able to lean on someone is a great perk of a relationship, but you must also be able to be the rock for your partner when they need it as well. Make sure they know they can always come to you when they need it. And it also helps to be strong enough that you’re not constantly relying on your significant other to keep propping you up. My boyfriend is great at supporting me when I need it, but I’m sure he’d grow very weary at the thought of holding me up for forever.
This is also a great quality to have in any friendship, too. Make sure your friends know they can count on you in their times of need.

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