27 de agosto de 2011

Lets face it; we all have troubles when it comes to any relationship. Good relationships can be hard to come by. But, that should never be a reason why you don’t cater to them. I personally know that when dealing with any relationship you have to cater to it.
Having any type of friendship means you have to treat like it’s your teeth, well not exactly, but a relationship requires upkeep. You always have to keep in mind that nothing is perfect. Yes there are going to be good, bad, and sad times, but this is all apart of building a relationship with anyone. In order to get where you are going there has to be a couple of bumps in the road. The good thing about the bumps in the road is that you learn life long lessons, which is why you should never look at the bad or sad times as negative. Look at them as a time of learning and experience for your future.
Another great thing about these experiences is that you never know whom you can help that had the same problem as you. I can remember like it was yesterday when I lost my best friend. I cant say that it was a day where I was proud, but it was apart of getting older. Losing my best buddy was hard, she was like my only friend. I had known here since I was in the first grade and by the time I got to college we lost each other. It was really dumb and if I could change the way I did things, I would. I must say that if didn’t lose her, some things that have happen in my life wouldn’t have happened that way because I wouldn’t have been faced with those situations. Although it hurt to lose her, I still continued to have friends, but I could never trust the same.Trust is key when building any relationship. Without trust there is nothing. So whenever building a relationship with anyone, 
make sure you can trust him or her. If you ever feel yourself questioning what someone is telling you, that means you have no trust for him or her. I can’t stress how important trust is. Another key thing in any type of relationship is communication. You must learn to have a clear communication with people, that’s the only way to have a healthy relationship.

Over time I have learned the ups and downs to a healthy loving relationship; you have to go through a lot to get be great. So sit back, enjoy the ride, remember that nothing is perfect. Never ever forget to live, love, and laugh; those are the things I live by.

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