25 de agosto de 2011

They always say, “never settle for less.” Never be okay with receiving less than you deserve. But how do you know what you deserve? You find yourself in a relationship where he doesn’t remember every little thing. But that’s okay, you tell yourself, because it’s not like you’ll find a guy who does. You don’t feel like the number one thing in his life, but are you ever going to find someone like that? Probably not, you tell yourself. So you take what you can get, because you realize you probably won’t get more than this.
Your heart will disagree though. Every time he forgets to call, your heart will cry out and ask why he forget. Every time he misses an event, your heart will demand to know what’s more important than you. Every time this happens, your heart will fracture a little more until one day you wake up and find you’re holding an unrecognizable pile of shattered pieces which once used to be your heart. You will know when you are receiving less. When you start to doubt and begin to wonder if you’re doing something wrong, then it’s less. When you lie awake at night and dream of something more, then you know it’s less. If you dream of someone else, then he’s definitely less.
So let me tell you one more time. You deserve the best. If you don’t feel a 100% of effort in the relationship, then it’s not what you deserve. Don’t feel the need to stay just because. If you don’t want to be in the relationship, leave. Break up and move on. Learn and look. Look for something better, because you deserve the best and nothing less.
And one day, you will find it and it will be so perfectly amazing. There will be ups and downs, but even at its worse it will be better than those other relationships at their best. So keep looking. Don’t give up.
 Find this in yourself. Not only will it make your life more fruitful and valuable, you will also be adding something priceless to the life of your partner. Don’t settle for less. Passion is not an option.
Sometimes it seems as if everyone wants to be heard, but nobody wants to listen. Harness all of the mental power you have, take a deep breath, and lend someone your ears
Having a relationship that’s also based out of friendship makes your relationship more substantial and less fleeting instead of one based out of infatuation. That’s not to say that “love at first sight” doesn’t exist and can’t develop into a lasting and fruitful relationship, but, in my experience, a foundation based in friendship has enriched and strengthened the love I have for my partner. 
Most of our body’s parts come in pairs, but not the heart.It stands alone, isolated, lonely… content, but waiting.When the time comes, and it will… you will find a match for your heart; the two hearts will create one love
Love does not follow any rules, any restriction.Love is found where it should be, in the hearts of those it chooses.Color, size, and even age has no boundaries. Follow it, give it, receive it, EMBRACE it

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