23 de agosto de 2011

You don't really need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely.
A girl just needs one guy who would be man enough to prove to her that NOT all men are the same.
Just going to smile like nothing's wrong, talk like everything's perfect, act like it's just a dream and pretend like it's not hurting me.
A man is lucky if he is the first love of a woman, a woman is lucky if she is the last love of the man.
Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do, you are insulting yourself.
No one can actually say that you deserve someone better because the best person that you deserve is always the person of your choice.

 Sometimes its better not to say anything. Saying how you truly feel might make things worse.
Sometimes we have to run away from the people we love. Not because we want them to realize our worth, but for us to realize our own worth.

I'm a very patient person and I give plenty of second chances, but I am not a perfect, I have my limits.
I am proud of my heart. It's played, burned and broken. But still works.

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